The Cobblers' Collective is a weekly mastermind meeting of independent business folks and freelancers.  It's a safe place where we can troubleshoot problems small business owners have and help each other grow. 

I like attending events like Cobbler’s Collective at Work Nimbly because it promotes (without forcing) healthy business practices with a group of colleagues (in different industries) without having to be a part of a “big business” model.

Cobbler’s Collective makes it easy for a small business owner to not feel like they are by themselves and has helped me to prevent problems before they became huge business mistakes.
— Valerie Horner, V.Horner Accounting

This is not a networking group in the traditional sense, or referrals group.  It's a casual opportunity to get together with other entrepreneurs and talk shop.  There are no fees, or paperwork, or any of that nonsense, but there will be coffee and fancy tea.

There are three rules at the Cobblers’ Collective:

  1. What happens at Cobblers stays at Cobblers.  We love it when people talk about this kick-ass Mastermind group, but please scrub all identifying details out of your stories.  We want Cobblers to be a safe space where you can share personal details about your business without worrying that you’ll see it in the paper the next day!

  2. If someone uses industry jargon or acronyms, please call them out and ask them to explain it.  We all work in different industries, and they often have the same acronyms that mean VERY different things.  Also, it’s super awkward for the n00b to have to ask what ROI means. (N00b is internet speak for newbie and ROI means return on investment in business circles. Now you know!)

  3. Be kind, to each other and ourselves.  We’re all very supportive and simultaneously opinionated - and being our own bosses leads to a very direct/pushy/loud tone sometimes.  We’re here to help each other, but we can do it with kindness.

The meeting is weekly on Thursday mornings.  Chatting and social stuff happens from 8:15 a.m. till 8:30 a.m and then we get down to the serious (and not so serious) business of our businesses.

I want to thank Work Nimbly for the opportunity to do a dry run of my talk about how journalists can work better with PR. I incorporated all the very insightful and thoughtful comments, which resulted in a much more concise and better organized presentation, with visuals and personal stories. In fact, the moderator specifically complimented the organization of the information - and I have everyone who listened to me and gave me their feedback to thank for that! I also fielded a number of very thoughtful questions from the audience, building on the presentation content, and a few folks told me afterwards that they saw some ways in which they could work more effectively with PR in the future (that was the goal! yay!)
— Madeline Vann, Vann PR