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Cobblers' Collective: Q3 Goals Check In

It's time to check in with our goals. How are your goals going so far? Is it time to change any of them, remove some, add some more?

For those of you unfamiliar with our Goals meetings - every quarter we meet and review your goals. We read them out loud and you give yourself a grade on how you're doing. You can set goals for the year or the quarter. It's a great chance to have some judgment-free accountability. If you have a goal you'd rather not make public, no worries, we'll give you a code word to ask you about instead.

Cobblers' Collective meets every Thursday morning at 8:15 for social time, and 8:30 for discussion. It's an informal but informative round-table discussion about those challenges we all share, with lots of helpful ideas -- and interesting people! More information at

Later Event: October 17
Cobblers' Collective