In order to highlight coworking month (August) and to celebrate our first anniversary, Work Nimbly is hosting a scavenger hunt!  

The hunt starts with a list with three tiers of points possible for each business. Teams will try to earn as many points as possible completing tasks like visiting stores and businesses, researching on websites or Facebook pages, and sharing pictures and posts on social media.

How to play:

  1. Grab a hunting guide from one of the participating businesses, or by clicking here.  Fill out the team information.
  2. Complete as many challenges as you can between August 31 and September 13.  Don’t forget to tag your challenge submissions with #HipsterHunt2015
  3. Bring your team’s hunting guide to Work Nimbly by Midnight on September 13.  (Use the mail slot in the door for after hours submissions.)

The team with the most points wins dinner for four
at the Blue Talon Bistro and tickets to the Gallery Crawl.


Alewerks Brewing Company

  • Like Alewerks Brewing Company on Facebook (1 pt)
  • Get a photo with your favorite Alewerks beer in a store (3 pts)
  • Visit the brewery and get a photo on our patio (5 pts)


  • Like BAEPLEX on Facebook (1 pt)
  • Watch a video of the new campus and leave a comment on the Facebook page (3 pts)
  • Take a yoga or kickboxing class ($) (5 pts)  

Basecamp Productions

  • Sign up for the Basecamp newsletter (1 pt)
  • Like the Basecamp Facebook Page and ask a question about the movie-making business (3 pts)
  • Make a 60 second video and post it to the Basecamp Facebook Page (5 pts)  

Beyond Boobs

  • Post a breast health tip from the BB calendar on Facebook and tag @Beyond Boobs (1 pt)
  • Get your photo taken as the Good Health Fairy on Tuesdays between 10 - 2, and post it! (1311 Jamestown Rd Suite 202) (3 pts)
  • Post a flyer for the Pink Carpet Gala available out in front of the office. Post it on a public bulletin board and take a selfie. (5 pts)  

Blue Talon Bistro

  • Get a photo with any rooster at the Blue Talon Bistro and post it to social media (1 pt)
  • Check in at Blue Talon online and get a coffee from the coffee bar ($) (3 pts)
  • Order the plate of the day ($) and take a photo of yourself trying it. (5 pts)

Colonial Williamsburg

  • Get a photo anywhere on Colonial Williamsburg property and tag it (1 pt)
  • Get a photo in front of the Market House, the Coffeehouse or the Armory (3 pts)
  • Find a person dressed in colonial clothes and post a photo of yourself with them. (5 pts)  

Discover Teas

  • Go to the Discover Teas webpage & sign up for the newsletter (1 pt)
  • Try our sample tea of the day & post your thoughts on it to social media! Tag @Discover Teas!
  • Take a selfie with each of our 4 team members (5 pts)  

DoG Street Pub/Hair of the Dog

  • Get a photo in front of the Virginia beer section in Hair of the DoG Bottle Shop. (1 pt)
  • Take a picture of yourself drinking a beer from a glass ($) with the DoG Street Pub logo. (3 pts)
  • Find the photograph of people standing on top of the trees. (5 pts)  

Extraordinary Cupcakes

  • Take a picture of yourself with Emerson, the giant peacock inside the bakery, and post it (1 pt)
  • Post a picture of the XO Window sticker on your car (available free at the shop) (3 pts)
  • Post a picture of yourself eating a Cupcake of the Month ($) (5 pts)   

Guernsey Tingle Architects

  • Share a post from Guernsey Tingle’s Facebook page (1 pt)
  • Take a photo of your team with each of our Las Bicicleta sculptures at the Design Center and share on social media, tag @Guernsey Tingle Architects (3 pts)
  • Take a photo of your team in front of 5 buildings designed by Guernsey Tingle Architects (5 pts)   

Helen’s Place Photography

  • Like Helen’s Place Facebook page and post a Happy 25th Anniversary note (1 pt)
  • Take a selfie under the Helen’s Place Studio Sign at the front of the property (3 pts)
  • Visit Helen’s Place and take a studio tour (5 pts)  

The Imperial Olive

  • Pick your favorite recipe from our site & share it on Facebook, don’t forget to tag us! (1 pt)
  • Come into the store and “check in” on social media (3 pts)
  • Do an oil tasting and post a a selfie of yourself. Don’t forget to tag us! (5 pts)  

Iron-Bound Gym

  • Like Iron-bound Gym on Facebook or follow Iron-Bound Gym on Instagram (1 pt)
  • Buy a smoothie or protein shake ($) (3 pts)
  • Take a fitness, yoga, Zumba or indoor cycling class ($) (5 pts)   

Launchpad Greater Williamsburg Area Incubator

  • Like Launchpad on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn (1 pt)
  • Come by the space in New Town for a tour (3 pts)
  • Share an article about entrepreneurship with the Launchpad on social media (5 pts)  

Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery

  • Like the Matney Gallery on Facebook (1 pt)
  • Go to the Matney Gallery and take a photo with your favorite piece (3 pts)
  • Find a Matney Gallery piece somewhere in town (5 pts)  

Off the Vine Market Inc.

  • Like Off the Vine on Facebook and share one of their posts (1 pt)
  • Take a selfie with the sign out front and post it (3 pts)
  • Go inside and talk to Tess to find out what’s in season, grab a recipe while you’re there (5 pts)  

Quirks of Art

  • Check out our Little Free Library! Bring a book, or take a book, and post all about it on social media (1 pt)
  • Find the Quirk! This fuzzy little mascot often enjoys our artists work! Ask at the counter for a clue. Post Quirk and her finds! (3 pts)
  • Check in using our flashy new Facebook Beacon! (5 pts) 

Red Barn Bicycles

  • Like Red Barn Bicycles on Facebook (1 pt)
  • Tell us your favorite local place to ride your bike on Facebook (3 pts)
  • Post a photo of you and your bike on the Cap to Cap trail, tag Red Barn Bicycles and then go ride! (5 pts)

Retro Daddio

  • Like us on Facebook and comment about your favorite item in the store (1 pt)
  • Sign up for the newsletter and try to answer the Trivia Question of the Day posted in the store. (3 pts)
  • Get a photo with a life-sized standup character at the store (5 pts)  

Virginia Beer Company

  • Like/Follow The Virginia Beer Company (1 pt)
  • Take a photo in front of the future home of The Virginia Beer Company. Post it and tag! (3 pts)
  • Find us for a sticker! We will be at the DoG Street Pub Running Club on Monday, 8/31 (5:30 PM - 7 PM), at The Wine Seller on Thursday, 9/3 (5 PM - 6:30 PM), and at Hair of the DoG Bottle Shop on Friday, 9/4 (5 PM - 6:30 PM). Look for the guys in Virginia Beer Co. hats/shirts! (5 pts)  

Williamsburg Farmers Market

  • Check in at the market in Merchants Square (1 pt)
  • Get your picture taken with a vendor or of you trying a free sample.  Post and tag! (3 pts)
  • Request a song from the band, take a photo, and post and tag it (5 pts)  

Williamsburg Regional Library

  • Use a research database at the library and take a screenshot (1 pt)
  • Check out an e-book or digital audiobook and share the title (3 pts) `
  • Take a Lynda.com class and screenshot your progress (5 pts) 

William & Mary

  • Attend the free Saturday morning organ concert in the Wren Chapel. (Every Saturday at 10 am) (1 pt)
  • Take a selfie with a portrait of one of the College Presidents in the Wren Presidents’ Gallery (3 pts)
  • Take a Wren Building tour (self or student guided). Post on social media! (5 pts) 

Work Nimbly

  • Like Work Nimbly on Facebook and vote on a Cobblers’ Collective poll (1 pt)
  • Come to Work Nimbly and take a team picture outside with the Gnome. (3 pts)
  • Take a tour of Work Nimbly and post a picture on social media of your favorite part of our space (and why!). (5 pts)  

Bonus Points

  • Get your picture taken with a piece of art in the Arts District (1 point per sculpture, maximum 5)
  • Get your picture taken with a Las Bicicletas statue (1 point per sculpture, maximum 5) (Guernsey Tingle ones excluded)
  • Get your picture taken at the electric car charging station in New Town or Downtown (3 points)

A printable version of the Hunting Guide is here. (.pdf link)
Or visit one of the participating businesses to grab a copy.


Teams can be up to four people and all participants must be over 21.

Assign a team captain and use just their social media profiles to complete your tags.  If you’ve already liked a business, comment on their page and say that, with the tag #HipsterHunt2015

Complete an action listed on the Hipster Hunt list and tag #HipsterHunt2015 and @worknimbly. If you don’t tag it, it didn’t happen.

Don’t forget to mark the date completed in the hunting guide.

Dates of the hunt are 9:00am 8/31/15 - 11:59pm 9/13/15.

Work Nimbly partners are ineligible for the prize, but will play anyway!

By participating in this game you are giving permission for all images and posts to be used by the companies involved.

Please be respectful of all the business you visit, they are helping you towards fabulous prizes!

Please note that items that cost money are marked with this ($) and some challenges are only on certain days and times. We didn’t say it would be easy…but it will be fun.

Checklists must be submitted to Work Nimbly by Midnight on September 13.  Use the mail slot in the door for after hours submissions.

The winners will be announced on September 17th, at the Work Nimbly Anniversary Party.

Call Work Nimbly at 757-561-0005 or email thegnome@worknimbly.com for assistance.

Special Thanks to these participating businesses!