CoWorking Launches in Williamsburg

The Changing Nature of Work Requires a New Kind of Space

Williamsburg, VAThe idea for coworking had been floating around Williamsburg for a few years, but it took three motivated women to grab it and give it a foundation. Work Nimbly was built by independent business owners Gretchen Bedell, Jenn Haynes, and Natalie Miller-Moore. The national movement of coworking aims to get independent workers out of their isolated home offices and connecting in a common space instead. It decreases distractions and fosters a productive atmosphere so freelancers can shape their businesses.

“People who envy those who work from home usually don’t realize how distracting it is – there are always chores to be done when you are trying to work, and work to be done when you want to relax. It helps to have a dedicated space to work – but there are so many advantages to owning your own small business that it’s time for an idea that combines productivity and independence,” said Natalie Miller-Moore, owner of Moore than Words, a health communications consultancy.

According to Forrester Research, 34 million Americans currently work from home and they expect this number to reach 63 million by 2016. Besides freelancers, people looking to cowork may be “homesourced” by their companies, travel to numerous worksites and work from their cars, or share workspace in an office that’s too distracting for them to be productive.

After months of coffee shop meetings, the CoWork Williamsburg group launched their one-day-a-week coworking group at the library, while continuing to look for just the right location. The goal was to bring together creative, collaborative and forward-thinking independents in the area. In June of 2014, a historic farmhouse with just the right amount of space for their vision became available. The first coworking location for creatives in Williamsburg launched in September of 2014…and the rest is history.

“We’ve got a printer and office supplies, as well as the most important supply: quiet, wi-fi powered workspace,” said Jenn Haynes, owner of A-One Mobile Bookkeeping. “Coffee shops tend to be the ‘go to’ for people looking to work outside their house, but you can’t be sure your laptop won’t walk off while you are in the bathroom or that the people at the next table aren’t eavesdropping on your client meeting.”

Work Nimbly is redefining how independent workers, entrepreneurs and freelancers work by establishing a professional setting that reflects a new way to do business. In the culture of support, and surrounded by a community of like-minded (and like-working) individuals, independents can be more productive, create business allies, potentially make more money, and have a safe and comfortable place to meet clients A private conference room seating up to 8 is available to coworkers and for rent to other professionals.

“We wanted a space that felt professional but not corporate. The building we have is a historic farmhouse with lots of character, and we’ve worked to bring everything independent workers need together here,” said Gretchen Bedell, owner of Odd Moxie Studios and Design. “We started this business because we all believe that Williamsburg needs a space to connect independent workers.” This is a new idea in an old place, helping shape innovation in the greater Williamsburg area. The location is at 215 Ingram Road, on the second floor, located near the Five Forks intersection off of Ironbound Road and Rt. 5. The grand opening of Work Nimbly is on Monday, September 15th, with a ceremonial ribbon cutting with James City County officials at 10 a.m.  

Work Nimbly Day Pass: $15
Work Nimbly Monthly Membership: $250

First Visits are free!

Work Smart. Work Nimbly.