Lawyers! They're not so scary.

The Cobblers’ Collective was delighted to have a special guest speaker, Drew Larsen from D. Larsen Legal, a small business lawyer. He reviewed the basic services a lawyer can provide for small businesses, including agreements, corporate governance and employment law. The 10 attendees asked for help understanding what they might need a lawyer for, and the different charges.

Best takeaways from this session:

  • Drew offered an overview of retainers, flat fees and hourly rates. It can be intimidating, but don’t be afraid to ask!
  • If you provide a service, you should provide a contract. Drew reviewed the parts of a contract and the importance of having it customized to your business.
  • There are “keep you out of trouble” lawyers and “you’re in trouble, let’s win” lawyers – meeting with a lawyer regularly can help you stay out of trouble.
  • Corporate record keeping is important and there are a number of items to include in your business records should anyone need to review them.
  • Money in and money out is a matter to discuss with your CPA or accountant, but it can have an effect on your business’ legal status should it ever be challenged.

This special session of the Cobblers’ was very helpful and everyone left with a better understanding of the parameters. Thanks so much Drew!

Here’s his company website: