Boss Lady Jenn Haynes on HearSay with Cathy Lewis

On April 20, 2015, Cathy Lewis talked about the growing entrepreneurial community in Hampton Roads.  That show wouldn't have been complete without a shout out to Work Nimbly and the Cobbler's Collective.  Jenn called in and talked to Cathy and her guests about our coworking space and the Cobbler's Collective.

You can listen here, just remember to click on the 4/20/2015 show: WHRO 

It seems that entrepreneurship abounds in Hampton Roads, and with that, is a much needed support structure for small business owners. We started the Cobbler's Collective in response to create a place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the like to get together and troubleshoot some of the challenges we all face. 

It is not a networking group in the traditional sense, or referrals group.  It's a casual opportunity to get together with other businessey people and talk shop.  There are no fees, or paperwork, or any of that nonsense, but there is coffee and fancy tea.  (And even occasionally pastry.)  We meet weekly on Thursday mornings at 8:30 A.M.