In order to highlight coworking month (August) and to celebrate our first anniversary, Work Nimbly is designing and hosting a digital scavenger hunt!

The hunt starts with a list with three tiers of points possible for each business. Teams will try to earn as many points as possible completing tasks like visiting stores and businesses, researching on websites or Facebook pages, and sharing pictures and posts on social media. Like this:

  • Easy (1 point): Like Work Nimbly on Facebook and vote on a Cobbler’s Collective poll.
  • Intermediate (3 points): Come to Work Nimbly and take a team picture outside with the gnome.
  • Advanced (5 points): Take a tour of Work Nimbly and post a picture on social media of your favorite part of our space (and why!)

Each participating business has created the points on their own. Some of them will be interactive, like taking a kickboxing class at BAEPLEX or downloading an audiobook at the Williamsburg Regional Library. Others will be purely digital, or something you can do without going to the business, like taking a bike ride!

If the thrill of the hunt isn’t enough, there’s a great prize for the winning team: The most intrepid team of Indiana Joneses will be honored with a prize of highest prestige: the best table in the house at the Blue Talon Bistro for a delicious dinner and tickets to the Gallery Crawl on October 1st.

Here are the details:

  • Teams consist of up to four people; Anyone 21 and over can count as a team member
  • Scavenging will occur over the two week period between August 31st – September 13th
  • The most points wins, with a drawing held in the event of a tie

More information can be found at worknimbly.com/hipsterhunt2015

Work Nimbly would like to thank the following businesses for participating in the #HipsterHunt2015!