Cobbler's Collective on Feedback

Today we talked about feedback.  Getting feedback from your clients, vendors, employees, and peers can help you direct your business effectively.  The trick is getting that feedback.

There are a few ways to solicit feedback:

  1. In a survey (e.g. Survey Monkey)
  2. Via email
  3. In person, either a focus group or a 1 on 1 chat
  4. Via third party review sites (e.g. Yelp)

There are more, of course, but this is what we focused on.

We discussed the challenges with anonymous feedback: people are more willing to give you negative feedback, but you don’t have an opportunity to respond to the critic and make it right. 

In person or via direct email
You might get feedback, but the feedback giver may not feel free to be wholly honest.  We all want to make people happy, and telling someone they did a bad job isn’t easy.

Third party review sites
It’s critical to monitor online reviews, and make sure you respond to your negative reviews in a positive fashion.  Think about creating a policy about monitoring and responding to reviews that includes time frame and tone.

(A website to keep handy is this one, it helps authenticate reviews

Consider who you get your feedback from.  One idea presented was to ask for feedback from peers and customers you want to replicate.  Be specific and only ask a few people instead of generically asking everyone. 

When you’re reading reviews there are 5-star folks who love you, and 1-star folks who just don’t.  But what about the 3-star folks who feel “fine.”  How do you reach them to get feedback, and how can you sway them toward a 5-star review?  Finding those 3-star folks might be tricky, but they also might be a great way to bolster up your client base.

Great Idea: at the end of the project create an email to solicit feedback from the client and send it to yourself through boomerang to be sent to you in 6 months.  You can then quickly review and send to client!