Marketing Plans - Cobbler's Edition

What a fantastic Cobblers’ Collective!  Today we discussed marketing plans.

Starting with the fundamentals, what is marketing?  Marketing is any communication between a company and the world.  It’s getting your name/brand/product seen/heard/tasted/smelled.

One of our Cobblers sees much of his marketing outreach as building and maintaining relationships.  If you know of someone who just opened a new location, stop by and say hello!  (Or bring some picture hangers, duct tape, and a screwdriver for them as a business-warming gift.)

Talking about relationship building segued into a discussion of social media.  Thankfully we had Margeaux to give us some tips!

  • Be consistent in time and pic and username so people don’t have to guess if it’s you.  Make your avitar (that little profile pic) match across platforms as much as you can.
  • Engage with people, each platform is different. The goal is communication between you and customer. People want content, not ads. Be interactive -- comment on other people’s stuff, like posts, tag them, etc.
  • Make it personal, occasionally share pic of your family, vacation, or something.  Consumers want to see the people behind the business.  Think of this ratio: 80/20- 80% business, 20% personal.
  • Mix up posts so it isn’t always the same kind of posts. Don’t always have blurb then link.  Do that one day and the next day add a quote w/out a link to anything, the next day, a pic you took, the next day tag another business in a post, etc.
  • You can share business posts on personal pages but not every day, maybe 1 out of 10.

Event planning can also be a great way to market your location or business.  The event needs to be in line with your client/customer’s interests and your brand.

You can also harvest new clients via inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is promoting a company through content that attracts customers to you. Offering templates, whitepapers, or content that folks want in exchange for their contact information.

In short, make a plan and hire a professional if necessary.

Do you have one?  If so, what does it look like?