Best Practices for Your Business

One of our Cobblers had a list of some basic best practices for running a business.  We edited it a bit (to make it less industry specific and add the Work Nimbly twist.  We also added a few things that come up during the Cobblers’ Collective.  

So, what do you think of this list?  What would you add?  What makes you feel like you’re running your business as a business?

Basic Practices

  • Do you have an organized database of your clients and their contact info?
  • Do you have a regular time scheduled in your calendar to communicate with past-clients/leads/friends who might have a job for you?
  • Do you have a weekly appointment in your calendar to plan activities for the week?
  • Do you meet with your clients once a year to review their projects/system/etc?
  • Do you talk with your current clients regularly?
  • Do you have a schedule that is balanced and helps you be your best?
  • Are you generating content for web based leads, client retention, feeding the Google Monster, etc.?


  • Do you have a client interview sheet/system/checklist available?
  • What about one for projects?
  • Have you written out your process for working with clients?
  • Do you know where your business comes from specifically?


  • Do you know what clearly differentiates you from your competition?  Can you articulate it quickly?
  • Do you know what your value proposition is?


  • Do you have a written business plan or strategic growth plan?
  • Do you have written goals for your business and are you tracking them?


  • Is your life balanced/integrated so that you are functioning your best?
  • Have you articulated your life goals separate from your business?