Last year the Cobblers’ Collective met and wrote out their resolutions.

What is so fantastic about the Cobblers’ is the wonderfully strong and supportive community we’ve built.  There is a place where you can ask the questions about your business and get helpful answers, vocal support, or at the very least a “you got this!”  

We’re all facing the same challenges as small business owners.  We all charge too little, give too much away, and forget to write things down.  These resolutions are a testament to how much we are all alike despite how different our businesses are.

So this year...

We will double check our taxes.

We will keep better records.

We will look at our finances at least once a month.

We will charge what we deserve.

We will track our mileage.

We will not give our services away for free.

We will use our time/schedule wisely.

We will be more organized.

We will manage our time better.

We will do what our doctor says.

We will collect fees/payments up front.

We will get all our tax info to the accountant before October.

We will be ready for national projects.

We will cultivate more relationships.

We will not skip quarterly tax payments.

We will give ourselves more rewards for goal successes.

We will not take on outside business that doesn’t pay three times or better.

We will not let others devalue our business.

We will communicate better.

We will charge everyone for all of the work we do.

We will use a mantra for our business based on our purpose.

We will not launch a new product too early.

What else will we do?  Come to the Cobblers’ Collective at 8:15 a.m. on Thursday mornings and ind out!