Market Research, Cobblers' Style

The Cobblers’ met to discuss Market Research.  It was a lively discussion and one of the highlights included learning to “facebook stalk” your clients (it’s a small town, so don’t be creepy, but knowing how and where your clients spend their time could help you find other clients just like them.  And facebook isn’t your only resource.)

We also chatted about surveying our current customers/clients.  Are you talking to yours?  What do they want that you could offer?  How do they feel about your company?  Your current clients are a great resource, and you should use them.

Also take a look at what your competitors are doing.  Where are they advertising? Where and when are the networking?  What does their social media stream looking like?  Knowing these things can help differentiate you and help your efforts stand out.

And then here are some other helpful links:

Downloadable Marketing Plans – this is a good launching point for most folks.
How to Build an Unbeatable Content Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan Template – with bonus video from John Paul of John Paul Mitchell fame