Marching on...

Work Nimbly is seeing some changes this month.

Goodbye Libby

Our favorite ornithologist is leaving Williamsburg for Colorado.  Libby is not just a coworker she’s been a real friend to Work Nimbly.  (You can thank her for the great idea of moving the printer outta the big room.) She’s been there for yoga, Frosty Thursdays, and our art parties.  We’re going to miss her fiercely and hope that Colorado is super nice to a wickedly wonderful lady and her family.


Not quite a goodbye…

One of the Nimbly partners Natalie has decided to step away from her leadership position at Work Nimbly.  “I’ve got to shift my overall commitments, and sadly, I have to give up being a Boss Lady at Work Nimbly - but I’ll still be a very enthusiastic coworker,” she said.   

But, she’s not leaving!  She’s keeping her Moore than Words office at Work Nimbly and will be part of our funny, funky, and productive community small business owners, coworkers, and awesome makers.  She’ll still be around to tell you how to spell zeitgeist, hanging with the Cobblers at the Cobbler’s Collective, and bending with Ben in our Friday yoga classes.

Work Nimbly will continue to operate as is has been, but if you have an operational question, you’ll have to hit up Jenn or Gretchen about it.


Last Month with Kelly’s Art

Kelly Seeber’s art will be coming down at the end of the month.  If you haven’t been in to see it, now’s your moment.  We’re also running a raffle for a print from Kelly.  All the details are here.  We’re eagerly looking forward to our April show (shhh… it’s a secret for now) but we’ve adored being surrounded by Kelly’s artwork.  She’s a gifted artist and we’re so fortunate we get to have her in Williamsburg.

Future Events

It’s gonna be an interesting March!