Technology, Cobblers' Style

Today we talked about technology.  What gadgets and apps have helped you do your thing?


Cobblers mentioned Evernote (Jenn is a super fan) and Toggl (Gretchen loves this one.)  Universal "yeas” for Dropbox.

Jack mentioned that at a conference he went to the speaker said you should limit yourself to 10 technologies.  (Suites, like Microsoft Office or Adobe, would count as 1 technology.)  It seems that after 10 you're spending more time working on the tech and less time being served by the tech.

This turned the conversation to kicking it old school and using using paper.

We've all mentioned the paper calendars, and the fans of Work Nimbly have all tried one sort or another (check out the Spark Notebook or the Passion Planner (it's not that kind of passion.))  Joe promised to bring his paper calendar/workbook the week after next so we can all geek at that.

Do you journal?  Are you team digital calendar or paper calendar?

Let us know.

Next week we're going on a field trip to talk with the lovely people from Primm about Google AdWords.

You can RSVP here, by March 4th please.  

Morrison (Gretchen's trusty Van) will be making the trip for anyone that wants to carpool.  Just make sure to let her know, and be at Work Nimbly by 8:15 a.m. next Thursday.