Cobblers' its GOALS TIME!


Last week the Cobblers met to discuss the goals we set back in January.  We all made progress, but some of us not as much as we’d like.

The goals went as such:

One Cobbler, met her goals, but will continue to pursue the same ones.  She’s hoping to continue to have more story pitches both in her industry and out.

Another Cobbler noticed that her goals were too vague.  So her new goal for the quarter is to make her old goal more specific.

Some of us are going to write our goals out and put them somewhere we can see them more.  Great plan, right?

A few of us are looking for project management software.  We got some recommendations and one Cobbler will be testing out both Wrike and Teamwork.  He’ll get back to us with updates.

There are some Cobblers who need to work on SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures -  the documented processes that a company has in place to ensure services and/or products are delivered consistently every time.)  We’ll be following up with them as well.

Finally, one Cobbler is looking for someone who can do optometry work and is looking to work in the Richmond and/or VA Beach area.  She’s hoping to move more of her client base to Williamsburg but has an active practice both north and south of us.  If you know of someone in that field who’s wants to work in or wants to purchase a thriving optometric practice in those areas, let us know!

It was a great conversation, and it’s good to know that someone will notice if you put off your goals.  Accountability is one of the great gifts of the Cobblers’ Collective!

In the course of our discussion, we also discovered that some of our goals no longer fit with what we want and that we need to let those goals go.  It’s hard to ever be critical of what we do, but when we do notice that a something no longer applies to us, we need to eliminate it. 

We do keep a list of individuals and their goals, if you’ve got one you’d like us to hold you accountable for, shoot the gnome ( an email with the subject line “Goals” and we’ll track it for you.