Cobblers' Victories!

Today we got together and discussed our proudest moments.  And they were pretty spectacular! 


Two of us have picked up certifications this year. One Cobbler tested so well in her certification that they asked her to create a video to share with future test takers.

Several of us are negotiating big contracts, some of us have taken calculated risks and finally pulled the trigger on big projects, we’ve pivoted our businesses, and some of us had insanely good 4th quarters! 

Not that Work Nimby (Williamsburg’s most awesome creative Coworking space) can take credit, but y’all did attribute some of your victories to Work Nimbly and the Cobblers’ Collective. 

So how about you?  If you didn’t make it to the meeting, chime in with your first quarter victory here or on our facebook page.  Work Nimbly – Cowork Williamsburg