How do you define your workday/week?

As always we kicked off today’s meeting with a random question.  Todays' was what everyone had for breakfast seems a common theme that breakfast, for the most part, isn’t the most important meal of the day for Cobblers.  

Then we threw some questions to the floor to help us define our work day or week. This sparked a diverse discussion of how we as small business owners stay on task and get our work done.  

  • How do we break up our work, is it by hour or project?  
  • How do we know if we are accomplishing what we need to?  
  • Is it important to determining a work routine?  
  • Do you set yourself up for the win at the end of the day?
  • Do you take time to review your achievements?

We agree the strongest thing to do, and the hardest, is to "Know thy self."  Use your strengths and best practices to tweak what works for you.  Everyone needs to embrace the way that works with their personality type.  

Some tools suggested for getting you there were setting up your own Advisory council. Find people who you can bounce ideas off of and can play devil’s advocate on what is not working for you, those who are invested in achieving success for each other. If you find the right people, their feedback can help you get over barriers you may have been experiencing.  

Utilize support groups, like our Cobblers.  Use Toggle for time management issues.  Parking lot things that you get hung up on and give yourself some time to think before revisiting the project.  Use a checklist to keep yourself on track and make sure everything gets done.  

How do you define your work day? Let us know!

NOTE: Work Nimbly is celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary in September ..stay tuned for what’s coming for our fun celebration and plan on being there.  We want to make sure everyone who is a part of success joins in on the merryment!