The topic for discussion for last week's meeting was victory celebrations!  We had a variety of victories to celebrate.  One cobbler was able to influence their spouse to sign up for SWaM (Small business, Women & Minorities), which opened up new opportunities to bid on projects that match up with his small business offerings.  (SWaM provides certification and in Virginia can provide money to small businesses both state or local.  You can find more information at

One victory was a successful meeting with a new client, where there may be potential to grow.  A different Cobbler helped a client move on, so they could take the next step on their own.   Next, a commitment to create new packages for more effective marketing.  Another Cobbler duked it out with a government agency over an issue with a client and won.

We want to hear all your small business victories, so shout out your victories and tag it #CobblersCollective.