Helpful Tips from the Cobblers

The Cobbler’s have been meeting Thursday mornings for quite sometime.  In the past two years we’ve come up with a few helpful tips that we wanted to share.

Finding New Work

When considering a new client, spend an hour with them discussing what you do and their needs, so that you can filter out clients that aren’t a right fit and kept from wasting your valuable time.  

When looking for new work, get back in touch with a prior client to see if they have new projects they need help with.

When presenting a proposal, don’t give it all away in the meeting.  Give a teaser and leave them wanting more.  Be sure to put a deadline, such as a month, on the proposal as well.  This helps filter out prospective clients who don’t know what they want. Know who your client is and other businesses in your network sphere, to help give clarity to how to market yourself.  


Some things to think about when marketing yourself.  Get a new headshot at least every 3 years.  If your looks change dramatically, update it sooner.  Your headshot should look like you do now.  

Make sure your business cards reflect you and your business.  Don’t put everything on your cards and keep in mind your photo on business cards is more for people in sales, so clients remember their face.  

When you go to a networking event or met with a potential client, have a clear vision of how you are going to market yourself.  Give them the basics of what you do and you can expand on this as the relationship grows.  

If you've got any life lessons you've picked up come to Cobblers' Collective on Thursday morning at 8:15 a.m. and share them!  Or post to social media and tag it with #cobblerscollective.