Cobblers' Collective: Spreading the Word about Your Event

Last Thursday with the Work Nimbly 2nd Anniversary party looming on the horizon and some other Cobblers having some upcoming events we talked about how to promote your event. 

First of all, make the event info as easy to find and the RSVP process as simple as possible. 

Figure out how you want folks to RSVP and include a link or simple instructions on all your marketing materials and social platforms.  You can set up a Facebook event or maybe an Eventbrite event to gather all that info and keep all your details easy to find.

Press releases are a good way of getting the word out but you have to be careful to get them to the right people in a timely fashion – even then they still aren’t a sure bet.  Sometimes your release won’t get picked up. 

Buying advertising is, of course, a more surefire way of getting the info in front of people.  Some of the Cobblers have had good luck with the Tide radio station’s Save 30 store promotion.  You could also just pitch an idea to a local magazine about a you or an aspect of your business and see if they are interested, everyone is looking for content, you might get lucky.

Don’t forget to simply ask people to come. 

Send an email to your customer or business friend list (you have been collecting all those emails from networking events for something right?) or hand out/mail a physical invitation to people, mention it on your Facebook wall. 

And remember a personal note, or email from you to one person, can convince people to join you.

Just be careful that you don’t become that person who shouts at their actual friends all the time about their business.  Facebook is for silly memes and cat videos, don’t make too much noise about your business on your personal page or people will just unfollow you!

What do you think has been the best way of marketing your event?  Let us know in the comments!