Cobblers Collective Accountability Partnership

Every Thursday morning at 8:15 a group of small business owners gather for a unique meeting at Work Nimbly.  The Cobblers’ Collective is a weekly round table meeting of independent business folks and freelancers.  It's a support group of sorts; a safe place where entrepreneurs and business owners can troubleshoot problems and help each other grow. 

Annually the group sets goals for the upcoming year, and then checks back in once a quarter to hold each other accountable.  If you don’t want to share a goal publicly, the group will give you a codeword and still follow up.  This year the Boss Ladies of Work Nimbly (Jenn Haynes and Gretchen Bedell) have teamed up with local business and life coach, Rebecca Reimers Cristol to expand the accountability partnership.

During two consecutive weekly meetings (December 7 & December 14) Rebecca will help members to map out their 2018 business goals. In the first conversation, attendees will evaluate the various aspects of their business and outline a plan for next year.

After establishing 2018 goals, the second discussion will look at the steps necessary to attain those goals , the likely obstacles that will impede progress and then develop strategies to get around those roadblocks.

“It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities of running a business and lose sight of what you want your business to accomplish.  Striking a balance between your business workload and personal life is critical to prevent burn out and to manage stress levels. Everyone deserves to feela sense of accomplishment and happiness  regularly in their lives. Cobblers’ Collective has been effective for its members because it provides a place for small business owners to discuss these issues..” says Rebecca.

The Cobblers’ Collective is free and open to any small business owner if they follow a few rules.  1) What happens at Cobblers stays at Cobblers.  It’s a safe space and members often share very personal challenges with their businesses.  2) Be kind.  Everyone in the room is used to running their own show and being the boss, but when offering advice be kind.

“I like attending events like Cobbler’s Collective at Work Nimbly because it promotes (without forcing) healthy business practices with a group of colleagues (in different industries) without having to be a part of a “big business” model. Cobbler’s Collective makes it easy for a small business owner to not feel like they are by themselves.”  says Valerie Horner, of V. Horner Accounting.