The Balancing Act

Today at Cobblers’ Collective we asked, “How do you prepare for a day off or a vacation from your business?  Or how do you recover from that day off if it happens spontaneously?”

Most of us shared a blank look.  “What do you mean a vacation? I just work anyway.”

And another rousing conversation about Work/Life Balance began.  This time we focused a bit on our calendars, tips for helping share free/available time, and turning our phones off on occasion.  But unlike other conversations about Balance, one Cobbler positied What if we have balance, but our struggle is that we’re trying to mold to the 9-5 standard, which won’t work for us.

That’s a really good freaking question.

We talk about Work/Life Balance A LOT at Cobblers’.  It is a topic that wiggles its way into most of our conversations in one way or another.  We all seem to be drawn to discussing it, which would suggest that in some way we’re unsettled about our “Balance.”

But what if our issues with balance come from trying to fit a format that isn’t ours?  What if our issues are that we just can’t admit we do have balance, just not as someone who’s got a traditional job would see it?

We can take a two-hour lunch because we’ll be hard at work from 6-8p when other folks are having downtime.  We check our emails on Saturday morning, so we can go golfing on Monday morning when the course is empty.

We’re balanced, just not their kind of balance.

That’s a pretty interesting perspective.  Why don’t we get together for a long lunch and chat about it?


The Cobblers' Collective is a weekly meeting of independent business folks, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, hosted by Work Nimbly, Williamsburg’s creative coworking space.  It's a safe place where we can troubleshoot problems and help each other grow.

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