Spring Cleaning your Business


This morning at the Cobblers’ Collective we talked about “Spring Cleaning” your business.  There are things you need to do on a regular basis (sort paperwork, data entry, board meetings) but when faced with client work it's hard to get to the business of businessing. 

Also, filing and data entry are no fun.  Zero fun.  They suck the fun out of things around them.  So it’s even easier to put this stuff off because it sucks, it’s not urgent, and there are so many other things you could be doing.

One Cobbler uses the Pomodoro Method, “With an old-fashioned timer you have to turn” to force herself to do some of these unpleasant tasks.  She found 25 minutes to be her sweet spot, and she’ll break up the Pomodoros doing different (but equally unpleaseant) tasks.

Another uses inboxes for different quadrants of her life.  “I’ve got one for home stuff, one for each of the businesses, one for accounting, and all the flotsam gets put in an inbox.”  Once a week she processes her inboxes and processes, files, adds to her calendar stuff that needs to get done.

We talked briefly about the external brain and how ideas take up space in your head.  Who knows what idea is trapped behind the “I have to get the oil changed.”  If you get that idea out of your head and somewhere your brain trusts it will be taken care of a new idea can take it’s place.  That idea might be something to add to your grocery list, but it could also be the creative breakthrough you were looking for.

We talk a bit about what the City of Williamsburg EDA is for - hint, you don’t have to impress them, they’re there to help you.  If they know where you’re struggling they can help you find resources.  Even if you're having trouble with how to file paperwork or get a new sign installed - the city staff is crazy helpful!  And heck, sometimes the EDA even has grant money!  We’re HUGE fans of the City of Williamsburg EDA.  They’ve always been supportive and helpful of Work Nimbly.  It’s one of the reasons we moved Work Nimbly 2.0 into the city, and they did give us some grant money to help refurb our building before we moved in.

It was a delightful conversation as always, and we’ll see everyone next week!


The Cobblers' Collective is a weekly meeting of independent business folks, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, hosted by Work Nimbly, Williamsburg’s creative coworking space.  It's a safe place where we can troubleshoot problems and help each other grow.

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