Mistakes from 2015

The Cobblers' Collective gathered last week to discuss the mistakes they will not be carrying into 2016!

  1. Pay your quarterly taxes on time!  Consult with your tax preparer about new tax info before the end of the year.
  2. New year, new pricing!  (Here's a free pricing guide courtesy of one of our Cobblers, Valerie Horner.)
  3. Cultivate more relationships.
  4. Stop saying yes when you mean to say no.  No more overcommitting.
  5. Down with distractions!  We have a note to ask Jon Bently about a program that keeps you off hulu or facebook or whatever your own dark playground is.

Our next Cobbler's Collective will be January 7, 2016.  Here's the facebook event page.  Bring your goals for the new year, 'cause we're gonna follow up quarterly to see how you're doing.  There will be rewards!