Summer Fun

Last week at the Cobbler’s Collective we discussed making summer fun for you, your clients and your employees.

This idea came about, as one Cobbler’s client set up some hefty goals to achieve, but also decided that they would incorporate weekly fun as well.   A sort of "you're working hard, so let's play hard too." thing.

This sparked lots of variety in our discussion.  We started with fun ideas. One local business provided a personal training session for their employees, had a Froyo outing and provided lunch.  Another delivered fun packages for others.  (#sparklefriday) We'd even heard that one a business in which the employees did a beer swap.  They would bring in cases and then swap out different beers to create a variety pack.  This allowed them to try new beers they may not of otherwise.

What about a bring your dog to work policy?  It seems there could be a lot of pros and cons with this sort of activity.  What about employees who are allergic?  What do you do with ill behaved dogs?  

And then we started to ask, is this a way to define company culture?  Can you set up rules that allow this to happen without killing the fun?  How do you discover what your employees want and how can you engage them?

Post in the comments below your ideas of how to bring fun to the workplace and motivate your teams.  

This week we will be following up on the personal goals we discussed back in January.  Can’t wait to hear where everyone is excelling, what needs to be tweaked, and what we're just trashing!  If you don't have goals from January, no fear, there is no time like the present to establish goals!