Work Nimbly is bravely led by two amazing ladies
(if we do say so ourselves.)

Jenn Haynes
President, A-One Mobile Bookkeeping

While bookkeeping and creative should never appear in the same sentence (whoops) Jenn goes above and beyond the call of duty when visiting clients to help them manage their books.  As a Quickbooks ninja, she can help do everything from getting you set up to maintaining your regular accounts.  

A One Mobile Bookkeeping is a family institution founded in 2001 by Denise Ouellette.  In 2007 Jenn assumed the reins of the company and has been helping folks with their small business and personal bookkeeping ever since.

Gretchen Bedell
Lady in Charge, Odd Moxie

Gretchen has taken pictures her whole life, she’s pushed pixels for a living for over a decade, she’s been the Boss Lady for years, and always finds the time for her clients.  While she hasn’t (yet) saved the free world she’s well known as a problem solver and is always hunting the Ugly Monster.  Her clients like her clear thinking, precise sense of style, and team wrangling.  They love her Moxie.

Odd Moxie is where all the awesome lives.  Focused on design, photography, and video, it’s your one-stop shop for creative visuals.