Tours & Visiting Hours 

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00
And By Appointment

Coworking Hours 

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday, Closed to the public

Private Office     $550 a month

Private offices are limited  but we have one available at the moment!  If you’d like to get on it, you'll need to make a $250 deposit.  Private offices require a six month commitment, and grant you 24-7 access to the building, use of the flex and conference/class room spaces during all hours, along with your very own office in our thriving community.

Keyed Membership     $250 a month

You get a key to the building!  You’ll have 24-7 access to any of the common work spaces, and the ability to reserve the flex and conference/class rooms (even after hours) as part of your membership.  This is a month to month membership with no deposit necessary.


Basic Membership    $150 a month

Come by anytime between 8-5 and get your work done in one of the common work spaces.  You’ll also have the ability to reserve the flex space during normal operating hours for meetings. This is a month to month membership with no deposit necessary.

Day Pass      $25 a day

Need a place to work for the day? This is your pass. Come between 8-5 to work in the common work spaces!  Day Pass holders can reserve the flex space for meetings during their workday.

Meeting & Class Room Spaces    $26.75 an hour

Need a space to hold your workshop, or some where out of the office to work with your team for the day?  We've got your space.  With three large conference/class rooms, one smaller meeting space, and a mini-room we have a size that's sure to fit your needs.  There is an additional $50 fee for after hours (weekends and evenings) reservations.