Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community of independent workers,  to foster collaboration, and to provide resources to the business community, while helping the Greater Williamsburg Area recognize and discover its untapped talent.

Every business has its own unique DNA and Work Nimbly encourages you to keep what is unique about your business while making your business better, in whatever form that takes for you.
— Valerie Horner, V.Horner Accounting

Benefits to CoWorking with Work Nimbly

  • Turbo-charged wifi
  • Free coffee, tea, soda, and water with 98% less baristas
  • An interactive place to work and be productive
  • No Muzak blaring in the background of your client call
  • Access to private conference rooms and workshop spaces
  • A chance to meet other independent workers
  • Accountability, if you'd like it
  • A secure place to leave your laptop when you go to the bathroom
  • A community of like-minded folks
  • No cats. (Well, no cats anywhere but on the internet.)

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